Hello, everyone! I have been thinking to put up this blog for a couple of days now and today finally here it is! I plan to write articles focusing on my work (and sometimes my other hobbies too). Hopefully, my articles would be useful to some developers and vice-versa.

For starters, I’ve been poking my nose into Qt and QML since quite a while now and let me start off by presenting my Qt based game for Nokia devices: slide-N-make (interesting name, right? Thanks!)


Hosted at Nokia Developer Projects, slide-N-make is my very first neat game and open source project. I used Qt SDK by Nokia (Qt 4.7.3) to develop this game.

slide-N-make was submitted to the Qt Ambassador Program and I was titled as Qt Ambassador for this project!

In this game, the user slides the pieces of the image to make an original version of the image in the minimum number of moves. It is currently supported on S60 5th edition and Symbian^3 devices. It features images for the game and difficulty levels (Easy, Medium and Hard) and uses the QPixmap and QImage modules to slice images to create puzzles and for the comparison of image slices. I also plugged in some animation for view switching using QPropertyAnimation (this is pretty cool!).

Below is a short video about my game.

Please try out my game and your comments are welcome!

Apart from this, I just started working on my new project – handwriting/letter recognition for mobile devices. This project includes lot of image processing and I plan to share its progress regularly here. So stay tuned!

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