MyMapDemo – Using Nokia Map Image API with QtQuick

Hello everyone!

I’d like to introduce my recent open source QtQuick project, MyMapDemo.

MyMapDemo is a QtQuick application developed using Qt SDK 1.1. The app shows the current location of the user on a Map. Interactivity is added by features such as Zoom in, Zoom out and Refresh Map. By default, the app shows a normal map view; but the user can choose to change the map mode to any of the following modes,

  1. Normal map view, day light mode
  2. Hybrid map view, day light mode
  3. Satellite map view, day light mode
  4. Terrain map view, day light mode

The app also contains a simple caching logic for Map images, so that the same map image is not fetched again, this saves data and loading time.

I decided to make this app open source on Nokia developer projects as a part of location demos (will add more demos soon). For those who wish to learn about the development of such apps using Nokia Map APIs, please refer to my article on the wiki illustrating MyMapDemo app.

Below is a video of MyMapDemo in action.

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