MapPlacesDemo – Plotting multiple POI on Nokia Maps

Hello everyone!

As discussed in my previous post, I’d now talk about my new open source QtQuick projectMapPlacesDemo  which is a part of Location Demos on Nokia Developer Projects.

MapPlacesDemo is a QtQuick application developed using Qt SDK 1.1. The app uses the current position of the user (lat-long from the integrated GPS receiver), get the places / points of interest (POI) around the user within 1 km range and displays them on map – using Nokia Map Image API. The app also gives the user more details like type, vicinity, etc of the point of interest; and flexibility to see each POI individually on map.

MapPlacesDemo Screens

To learn about the development of MapPlacesDemo refer to my wiki article.

Below is a video of MapPlacesDemo in action.

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