Concluding GSoC 2012

As mentioned previously, my proposal of “Porting KDiamond(game) to Qt Quick” had been selected for Google Summer of Code (GSoC), 2012. And now the project time has almost come
to an end. KDiamond has been ported to QtQuick successfully. Of course, there’s some optimization work that I plan to do after GSoC as well. Here is the git repository where I
pushed all my code:

This was my first GSoC experience and thus I got a lot of exposure to the KDE development environment. It was a great experience – The open environment in the company of really experienced developers, dealing with a lot of code and over an above being a part of a BIG community of developers. I had the pleasure to work under the guidance of really fantastic mentors,

  •  Ian Wadham for helping me set up the KDE development environment to begin with and later was really kind to give me honest pointers in my work
  •  David Edmundson for his expert advice about my project, coding style, etc.

Here are some of the screenshots from the KDiamond – QtQuick version of the game:

KDiamond - QtQucikVersion

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