Exploring my brand new Raspberry Pi

Recently, I was lucky enough to get one of those low cost $35 Raspberry Pi boards. Thanks to the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Nokia for initiating the Qt on Pi Program and distributing the boards among developers. It took quite some time for them to ship the board to me but finally it is here and it looks like this,

Avnee's Raspberry Pi

The board came with a 4 GB SD card and a Nokia USB charger.

Here’s what I did to get started with my Raspberry Pi:
– Downloaded the Raspian(the Raspberry Pi OS) and unzipped the file using Win32DiskImager.
– Got the Raspbian .img file written on to the SD cardWrite OS to SD Card

– Once done, inserted the SD card into the Raspberry Pi
– Connected the unit with my TV by plugging in the RCA composite (yellow-to-yellow RCA cable) into the RCA video slot
– Attached mouse to the USB port
– Finally, powered the board with a Nokia USB charger

Raspberry Pi in action
– Configured the rasp pi (guidelines to this are available easily)

And aha! My Television was now showing me the awesomeness of Raspberry Pi. So, that’s it for now, much more to be done yet with this tiny chip!

Check out some of the images of the board in action:

TV connected with Raspberry Pi

Slide Puzzle

Wormy - Game

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