Movie Reviews Series 40 Web App

I have been working on a mobile application for Nokia Series 40 phones. This app is a Web App and is called Movie Reviews.

Movie Reviews is a Series 40 Web app which features latest movies, shows details (release date, cast, synopsis) and reviews for the selected movies, and also allows users to search for other movies from the Rotten Tomatoes movie database.

The Rotten Tomatoes API gives access to wealth of movie information, allowing anyone to build applications and widgets enriched with Rotten Tomatoes data. The API allows to get the current box office movies, new releases, upcoming movies and search for movies and retrieve detailed movie information, like cast, directors, and movie posters.

Here are some of the screenshots of the app,

Tab1   Movie Detail Page1     Movie Reviews Page

I wrote up an article on the Nokia Developer Wiki, explaining how it is developed. Check it out here. The project is an open source project available at Nokia Developer Projects.

Edit: As Nokia Developer Projects has now moved to Github, you can download the source code of Movie Reviews from the article page or directly by clicking here.

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