Speaking at KDE Conf India 2014

Another huge KDE Meetup is on its way. From 21st February to 23rd February conf.kde.in is going to organize a huge event at Gandhinagar and I will be giving a talk on “Writing Reusable QML components”. Here is the official page of the event.


A little birdie tells me there are a lot of open source enthusiasts attending the event who would like to take a plunge into Qt and KDE. And of course I’ve heard about the huge Nokia fan base at DAIICT. Please see me at the event, I’d love to meet fellow Nokia fans. Regarding my talk, I would give you a little ( but not so little) idea about writing custom QML components and of course how to make them reusable in terms of both design and functionality.  The talk has been marked as intermediate, although I suppose anyone who’d want to start on QML could attend this talk as I would be giving a basic introduction to QML to start with.

The talks are really interesting this time. You’d get to know where KDE is and where is it going from Jos Poortvliet and if you’d like to know about the very interesting Plasma Media Center you can attend Sinny Kumari’s talk. From Siteshwar and Shantanu you’ll learn about the Mer Project – powering Jolla Sailfish OS and Plasma Active (I am excited about this one!).

You can find list of all the talks here.

If you haven’t registered for the event and would like to, follow the registration link below.

See you at the event!

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